EMBR joins the Rosso Tunes fam and releases his first EP ‘Trouble’ on November 15th 2019. The Austrian based artist focuses on high-energy techno that will have you hooked.



Only/Already in his late twenties, the Düsseldorf based artist is a no stranger to the music industry. He started playing his first tours in Germany and Europe at age 15, ran a creative audio agency at 20 and then shifted his focus on writing melodic techno tunes under his new moniker Leufen. With “Phantom Lakes” he will be releasing his debut EP on Rosso Tunes in early 2019. Mixing fragile melodies with rumbling techno beats, Leufen makes pragmatic use of analog, digital and sampled sound sources alike. His take on progressive dance music resembles the atmosphere of game- and motion picture soundtracks and is equally influenced by Dutch, Italian and German Techno legends as it is by dark ambient electro bedroom producers.



Austria born DJ and producer Fabian has had an unusual route to electronic music. Having mastered playing in bands, as-well as flexing his skills on multiple instruments, including guitar. Fabian latterly found a huge freedom in the huge scope of electronic music. So, new influence began from the inspirations found in the Berlin and New Orleans music scene… Fabians sound is an adventure of warm analogue synths, that hold some more contemporary chord progressions Fabian usually supports some deliciously abstract vocals, and explores a variety of every day moods and textures, which allows you to get refreshingly lost in his sound. His take on progressive type music is inspired heavily by some vintage, mellow sounds, where tapes were the height of technology.



Michael Stark is an actor and composer living and working in Vienna. Coming from a background of classical training in both piano and guitar, his interests shifted over the years more and more towards modular synthesizers. Currently he is working on his debut-release on Rosso Tunes, where he explores the ever fascinating territory of evolving soundscapes and deep drones.


Lukas Haider

Visually expressing his creativity throughout the day, graphic designer Lukas Haider has been discovering music after hours. His his experiments with sound and gear are planned to be released on Rosso Tunes shortly.